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Talented Corporate Photographer in Melbourne

Creativity is necessary to stand out in a modern business world overflowing with ads. Life is experienced through the senses, and telling your story through pictures can put your business in a class of its own. If you’re looking for a corporate photographer in Melbourne, Jeremy @ Kees Media stands ready to partner with you, piecing together the visual puzzle you need to tell your brand’s own story.


Visual Creativity at the Forefront of Innovation

I offer several photography services to clients in the commercial sector. A creative at heart, I thrive on pushing the boundaries of mixed-medium experimentation. Although, I can also keep it clean, fresh and commercial. I am trained with studio lighting equipment and I have mastered corporate headshot photography, to name but one of my many services.


Here’s what gives my photos the wow factor:

  • A passion for perfect lighting that makes every product or portrait look dynamic and alive. 

  • Versatility that adds a unique touch of creative flair to bring your brand to life

  • An imaginative vision that transcends conventional approaches

Give your Business a Creative Edge

As a respected corporate portrait photographer in Melbourne, Jeremy @ Kees Media will gladly help you forge a brand-new public image for your business. During your photo shoot session, I’ll unravel your brand’s story and rebuild it with beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your business / vision. Together we can craft images that surpass your wildest expectations and bring the details together in unprecedented ways. I am confident with all creative visions. 

Bring Boring Marketing Concepts to Life

People love to put a face to a service or product. Corporate headshot photography can help you connect with potential customers personally, showing them the real people behind the product. I can give your dream team star quality with beautiful, clean headshots that capture their best qualities.


The Magic Happens Through The Lens

As an experienced corporate portrait photographer in Melbourne, I offer boundary-pushing commercial photography services that will get your marketing campaigns off the ground. I will work with you to craft unique images that capture the joy your product creates. My services include – but are not limited to:

  • Fashion photography and mixed-medium experimentation

  • Advertising and marketing photography, as well as video photography

  • Commercial studio photography and on-location portraiture

Allow Me to Help Capture Your Business

Kees Media, your corporate photographer in Melbourne, knows how to give wings to your imagination. I am in the business of providing eye-catching, creative visual solutions to give you an edge in your industry. Trust me to capture the essence of your people, products, and services in the most captivating and impactful way imaginable – through the lens.

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