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Photoshoots in Melbourne with a creative Fashion Photographer

Creativity and design are the core of Melbourne. I am a trained fashion photographer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for people, and I enjoy helping local designers showcase their talents. Professional photography can make your clothes look runway-ready and help you turn your online following into real-life customers. Contact me and we can chat about bringing your vision to life at whatever stage.


Refreshing New Take on Editorial Fashion Photography

A fashion editorial should be visually compelling, storytelling and highlight the core of the narrative. It captures your clothing in playful, unique and creative way to give people a new perspective on your brand. You can use these photos for online or print magazines, blogs, billboards, posters and any publication that gets people talking. My fashion editorials always tell a story about your business and never look dull or overdone.

I mainly do local editorial fashion photography in Melbourne for various magazines. I can take professional photos of your designs in the studio, on the street, or in any location that speaks to the ethos of your clothing label / brand.

Fashion Photo Shoots for Models

Building a polished modelling portfolio starts with professional photograph from a good quality photoshoot and photographer. Creative photography is my passion, and I would love to hear your ideas and help you plan the perfect portrait shoot. I love to create beautiful, comfortable, unique, long lasting images of whichever model I have with me. Whether it’s your first time in front of the camera or you have years of photoshoots under your belt, I promise to bring you fresh ideas for captivating & stunning photographs.


Unforgettable Shoots With a Melbourne Fashion Photographer

Kees Media does artful fashion editorials and dynamic street photography for models and designers. Let’s explore the countless stunning locations for fashion photography in Melbourne / Australia and find a striking space emblematic of your brand.

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